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Words from former clients & family members

"Kathy Manley is an exceptional lawyer. My case was complicated and long and the consequences were severe.  Her case work was amazing. She successfully battled the entire DA's office as they tried to stonewall her at every move, uncovering hidden evidence and false testimony.  The appeal she wrote got my case overturned. She is a shark; don't let her mild manor fool you”  - K.P. Albany, NY case from 2010-2014

“Focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results are only a few of the words to describe my Attorney Kathy Manley's professionalism. Kathy has an excellent knowledge of the law, and believes in meticulous preparation of her cases, which is evident when you discuss matters with her. When interacting or working with her, the timeliness of her responses is unparalleled. Her work product and attention to detail is outstanding. I have been extremely pleased with the service provided and results obtained.”     - J.Edwards Jr.

“We hired Kathy Manley to prepare an Article 78 filing on behalf of our son against the New York Parole Board.  She wrote such an excellent brief that the court ordered a de novo hearing and our son was released. Ms. Manley is a seasoned professional and was easily reachable by phone and email.  She was helpful, polite and respectful of our needs at all times.  She is a kind person and a pleasure to work with.  Her rates are reasonable.  If it weren’t for Ms. Manley, our son would still be in prison.  We are very grateful to her and highly recommend her.” - Chris Eckardt and Saul Rigberg


“I can’t explain in words how grateful we are for the work you have done…” – Zurata

“Kathy Manley  - an intelligent, dedicated lawyer with a cause. Her dedication and perseverance in the rights of individual people speaks for itself. Kathy changes the course of lives in the work that she pursues. I highly recommend her services and I am forever grateful for the case she won for us. She was always available to speak with and was very honest about the possible outcomes throughout the process. Overall, she was professional, hardworking and easy to get in touch with at all times. Again...highly recommend!!”- R.M.

“As soon as you told me you won I had to get you a congratulations card. … I believe God is the one who blessed me with you and blessed you. …. I am so proud of you for all you accomplished as well as never giving up and all the hard work you did and continue to do” - JZ


Kathy is a consummate professional who desires nothing but the best for her clients. Her dedication, compassion, and clairvoyance are the means which have led to her success. Because of her diligence my freedom was granted. As a result of her work ethic, hope has been restored to many…” Eddie Williams, Jr. 8/11/17

 “Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the support you gave us during such a difficult time. I want to tell you that you make a difference in this world with the work you do every day” – May Jane

“I have known Kathy since the arrest of Yassin Aref in 2004. Her level of dedication and passion is indescribable. Kathy became Aref's best advocate and exceeded all expectations. … She is prompt, VERY professional and highly driven. She cares about getting things done in the most effective way. If Kathy knows you were treated unjustly, she will NOT stop fighting for you.” - May Saffar

"Kathy went above and beyond in appealing a difficult case not once, but twice! Highly recommended." - Michael Diack

"My experience with Kathy Manley, Esq. has been  excellent. She is an honest, intelligent, hard working attorney

who has successfully handled  all of my recent cases with unqualified success.  We have won or  received dismissals  

on each case. She has responded quickly and positively to my concerns and requests,  with a clear, insightful and reassuring style

and has  always gone the extra mile to assure a positive legal outcome.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - John Amidon

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